My First Lipstick Red Bag

April 3rd, 2010 — 1:11am

I am fifty-six years old and just came home after buying my very first red handbag. I took it out of the shopping bag and felt the soft, rich leather in my hands. I put it close to my face to smell the delicious aroma of good leather. The bag is a small clutch that holds little more than my cellphone and keys. It is red; bright, very bright, attention-getting lipstick red. It is to serve no other function than to look attractive. As I model for myself in my mirror,  I think, “Wow, here is something beautiful I can do for myself that I’ve never done before!”

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Describe a moment when you felt most attractive? Give us details. Were you alone or with someone? When and Why?

March 31st, 2010 — 5:25pm

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Imagine your mother talking to you and tell us what you think she would say about your aging appearance?

March 21st, 2010 — 4:45pm

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Tip #4 for the Modern Woman

March 5th, 2010 — 10:40pm

10 Tips to change your thoughts on beauty

1. Beauty is beyond physical – Beauty is not just a physical experience, but a psychological one as well. We all tend to think of beauty as a skin-deep issue, all about how we physically look. But research tells us that perception of what is deemed attractive and unattractive is much more complicated. Why do you think some beautiful women say, “I’ve never thought I was pretty”? Yes, even beauties like Uma Thurman and Michelle Pfeiffer have drawn attention to what they consider flaws. Similarly, there are women who may not be your typical image of beauty, yet when you ask them they say they are quite confident in their looks. Serena Williams never tries to cover up her unconventionally muscular physique: in fact, she flaunts it and somehow it makes her more appealing. What makes people feel attractive goes well beyond our physical self. It runs deep, much deeper than the eye can see.

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Start Your Own “Face It Group” (F.I.G.)

March 2nd, 2010 — 6:23pm

Yesterday, Dr. Jill and I did a live radio show for Listeners were invited to ask questions about our book, Face It:What Women Really Feel As Their Looks Change. It was a wonderful interactive experience. One listener thought it would be great if she could gather a couple of women together to read the book together and support one another while working on the six steps described in our book. It was not the first time we had heard this idea and we are now thinking that perhaps we could be more active in encouraging groups like this to form around the country. If you are interested in creating a group, let us know. We would like to give you some ideas about how to make that happen and how they can work. These groups can serve to help you feel less alone, to answer questions about what women are really feeling as their looks change and perhaps find more satisfying solutions. How can we take care of our looks and feel good about ourselves as we age? Sharing information, giving advice and beauty tips is one way to encourage women that they can look and feel better at any age. Let’s join together with others to make that happen. –Dr. Vivian

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Glance in the mirror as you leave your house this morning. If your reflection could talk, what words would you want it to say back to you to help you feel and look good for the rest of the day?

March 2nd, 2010 — 2:26pm

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Failure or freedom to choose? Tell us what you think?

February 28th, 2010 — 2:47pm

Seventy two year old actress, Jane Fonda, wrote on her blog after her last round of plastic surgery, “I got tired of not looking like how I feel”. She went on to admit, “I wish I’d been brave enough not to do anything.” Just a couple of years ago, Fonda had sworn off doing more plastic surgery after having several rounds earlier in her life. But clearly her resolve wore down and, as she calls it, she reentered the race toward appearing younger than she is, full speed ahead. She called it “Jowels Away!” Continue reading »

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Tip #3 for the Modern Woman

February 25th, 2010 — 12:24pm

Here is another tip we used during our modeling days that continues to be helpful to us today. We hope you find it useful too.

3. Reinvent Your Look As models we had to constantly change our ‘look.’ It taught us to be capable of adjusting our appearance to the circumstances. Instead of feeling anxious about change, have fun as you reinvent a look with each stage. Those short skirts might not work, but other styles may. Letting go of your former self-image doesn’t mean neglecting yourself. Try walking instead of jogging; take yoga, in place of spin class. Adjust your attitude as you adjust your look.

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Tip #1 for the Modern Woman

February 21st, 2010 — 6:10pm

1. Show Confidence and Pride Inside and Out

Decide one aspect of yourself that you feel is attractive and project it. Feel it on the inside and then show it on the outside. When we were modeling, we knew that models who walked into auditions with an air of confidence tended to get the jobs! It wasn’t about being the prettiest—everyone was. Or about being perfect—no one was. It was about how you carried yourself into the casting room.  Some models were known for their great legs, thick lashes, or long necks and used these assets to feel beautiful. Sometimes only a model’s hands or feet were considered model material. Instead of focusing on features you don’t like…..

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What do you do to avoid facing your aging looks? We call these ‘masks’ and want to know what yours might be.

February 20th, 2010 — 7:53pm

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